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Year 5 & 6

Welcome to Eagle Owls and our new blog!

We are the Year 5 and 6 class and we are taught by Miss Franklin and Mrs Toyne with support from Mrs Mitchell and Ms Forscutt. On Tuesdays we have French with Madame Kernick, PE with Mr Tranmer and RE with Mrs Mitchell on Thursdays.

On this page you will find updates about what we have been learning as well as a space to show our curriculum documents which we use to reinforce our learning throughout the year. Please also use the links on the sidebar to access previous updates!

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Here are some more photos from today.

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  Caroline Hope — Hello Year 6 I'm loving all the photos on your blog. Looks like you're having an amazing time! Enjoy the rest of your week. Mrs Hope x...
  Sarah fortescue — It looks like you are having a fantastic time. It looks a little chilly! X...

Group 2 have had another great day at the caves. The children were brilliant at being squeezed through and sliding through small spaces. Unfortunately due to the nature of the caves we were unable to take photos down there but there are a couple of photos from afterwards. On the way back to Govilon we enjoyed an ice-cream at amazing shop. More pictures from Group 1 and 3 to follow.

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  Faye hird — Loving seeing you having such a great time!! Missing you Freya!! Loads of love!! Xxx...

Groups 1 & 3 have enjoyed caving today. They worked together as a team to solve lots of problems and some children overcame some fears. This evening we have been to the park and have just had a hot chocolate and are getting ready for bed. The groups will swap activities tomorrow and I'm sure the children will continue to be amazing. Sleep well everyone!!

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  Miss G — I think your cheeks are going to ache with all those smiles on your faces. Loving seeing you all enjoying yourselves ...
  Mr Carlyle — Fantastic photos and it's brilliant to see you all having such a great time! Well done, everyone!!...
  T Butler — Love seeing all the photos- thank you for the updates. Good to see you having such fun, Meg! X...

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