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Year 3 & 4

Welcome to Year 3 & 4 Blog

We are the Year 3 & 4 class and we are taught by Miss G and Mrs Toyne with support from Mrs Mitchell. On Tuesdays we have French with Madame Kernick, PE with Mr Tranmer and RE with Mrs McClean on Wednesdays.

On this page you will find updates about what we have been learning as well as a space to show our curriculum documents which we use to reinforce our learning throughout the year. Please also use the links on the sidebar to access previous updates!

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Today we took part in an African Dance Wokshop.

We enjoyed listening to some African music and identifying the rhythm and the different instruments.

Then we learnt an African dance and performed it, what a great workshop!

Today in Art we began our shaded tornado pictures. By only using shading, we were able to create our 3D pictures.

They are looking fabulous!

Today in Topic, the children were learning all about Wildfires.

As a team, their mission was to choose 15 items which they thought would help them in the event of a fire and justify their decisions. It turns out that they knew exactly what they would need, so if there is ever a Wildfire, look to Tawny Owls to help!

In Science today we investigated the best temperature needed to melt chocolate (before Miss G ate it!)

As we hadn't used thermometers before, we all had one to look at and see if we could increase and decrease the temperature by holding it in different places - we loved seeing how hot our hands were!

We then set up an experiment using water of different temperatures and then timed how long it took for the chocolate button to melt. The hottest water melted the button first, the warn water was second and we are still waiting for the cold water to do anything to the chocolate.

After our experiment we created a bar chart and wrote up what we had learned.


This afternoon we continued with our tissue paper volcanoes in Art.

Can't wait to see the finished pictures!

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